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Infinity™ - Advanced Electroplating

Welcome to Greystone, the leading provider of advanced electroplating solutions for corrosion protection. Our latest innovation, Infinity™, offers maximum protection over Stainless-Steel, ensuring durability and longevity for your projects. With cutting-edge technology and extensive research, we have developed this revolutionary plating to meet the needs of various industrial, architectural, and maritime applications.

About Infinity

Infinity™ is a breakthrough electroplating that provides superior protection for Stainless Steel. Unlike traditional Stainless, which typically lasts only 200-400 hours in salt spray testing, Infinity™ has been specifically designed to endure over 4,000 hours, offering exceptional salt spray resistance.

Our advanced coating and plating technology create a durable barrier between the Stainless-Steel and the corrosive environment, effectively preventing rust and other forms of corrosion. With Infinity™, you can be confident that your infrastructure, fasteners and any mating equipment will remain safe and secure, even in the harshest environments.

Key Benefits

  1. Long-Lasting Protection: Proven to protect your Stainless-Steel components for over 4,000 hours in Salt Spray test performance. Perfect for marine fasteners and equipment.
  2. Cost-Effective: By choosing Infinity™, you're making a cost-effective investment that reduces maintenance expenses and extends the lifespan of your parts and investments.
  3. Chemical & Salt Spray Resistance: Infinity™ is highly resistant to chemicals and salt, making it ideal for use in harsh environments and marine applications.
  4. Abrasion Resistance: With its high resistance to abrasion, Infinity™ can withstand rough handling during transportation and assembly.
  5. Adhesion: Infinity™ provides excellent adhesion to any grade of Stainless-Steel, ensuring a strong bond between the plating layer and the substrate.
  6. Paintable: Parts coated with Infinity™ offer the flexibility of being painted and powder coated, allowing customization for your projects.
  7. Appealing Appearance: Provides a long-lasting chrome-like appearance that eliminates the need for polishing or maintenance, ensuring the aesthetics of your marine fasteners and components.

With its long-lasting performance and easy application, Infinity™ offers a superior alternative to traditional Stainless-Steel solutions. Protect your investments and maximize their lifespan with Infinity™ - the ultimate corrosion protection for Stainless-Steel.

Building Solutions That Last

At Greystone, we are committed to delivering the best corrosion protection solutions to our clients. Infinity™ is the result of years of hard work, expertise, and innovation from our dedicated team of engineers, chemists, and technical experts. We believe that Infinity™ represents a significant advancement in corrosion protection technology, exceeding expectations and ensuring the longevity of your marine projects.

Contact us today for more information about Infinity™ or any of our other products. We are here to provide you with the expertise and support you need for corrosion protection, salt spray resistance, and durability of your marine fasteners and other components.