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Zinc Plating

Automated Rack and Barrel processing.
Greystone – Induplate is a trusted industry leader, supplying Zinc Plating and Zinc Nickel plating for high volume automotive parts and safety critical components. With over 90 years in business, Greystone has delivered over a billion Zinc plated parts to a global customer base. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our continuous improvement and adaptable automated plating lines that support both rack and barrel plating.


  • Clear, Yellow and Black Chromate available
  • Thickness Control: 0.0001” (5µm)
  • Specifications: ASTM B633, AMS 2402, GMW 3044

Our Services

  • Automated Rack & Barrel Plating
  • Chromates:
    • Clear Chromate
    • Yellow Chromate
    • Black Chromate
    • Olive Drab Chromate


ASTM B633, GMW 3044, AMS 2402 and many OEM specifications

Additional Capabilities

  • Precision masking for selective plating
  • Post-Plate hydrogen embrittlement relief
  • XRF Thickness analysis
  • Salt Spray testing per ASTM B117

Plating Process:

Zinc Plating is a very efficient electroplating method for depositing a sacrificial layer of Zinc over a substrate to provide corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of Zinc Plating is influenced by both plating thickness and whether a chromate and/or sealer is applied.

The quality of corrosion protection in Zinc Plating can be customized to meet specific requirements. Depending on the application's needs, specifications often dictate a Zinc coating thickness within a particular range. This versatility allows for the adaptation of Zinc Plating to various environments.

The appearance of Zinc plating is dictated by the selected chromate conversion coating. Clear chromate finishes normally have a bright luster and slight iridescence to them, while black chromate provides a dark black appearance. Currently, we only offer Black Chromate as a rack plating process as it does not naturally lend itself to barrel/tumbling operations for cosmetic reasons.


To meet increasing demands, Greystone – Induplate supports deadlines by offering the most competitive turn times. Full production is run across 3 shifts and capacity is added to meet customer demands. From job shop orders to high-volume production (1-30 million parts), we have the capacity and personnel available to meet your needs.

Engineered Solutions:

Greystone - Induplate uses custom designed barrels and part-specific racks to accommodate even the toughest geometries. When this tooling is matched with Greystone designed automated inspection equipment, we eliminate the most common plating defects. Global customers employ us for our precision plating expertise and corrosion resistant coatings.

Markets Served

Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and Medical.

Greystone is your go-to Zinc Plating Supplier, offering precision, reliability, and superior corrosion- resistant finishes. Contact us today for any of your Zinc plating needs.


ELV Compliant, RoHS compliant, Reach compliant, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 9001