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Launchpad Program

From Apprenticeship to Machine Operator

Melvin joined Greystone of Lincoln last year. As a newly-hired Launchpad apprentice, Melvin became a part of the first cohort of the Greystone Machinist Launchpad Program, a training program that equips students with the necessary skills to produce safety critical parts for field operations around the world.

Being a part of the inaugural Launchpad class, Melvin had the chance to contribute to the development of the program while reaping its educational benefits.

How did you come to Greystone of Lincoln?

During Greystone's presentation at Davies, they extensively discussed the opportunities within their organization. They highlighted the remarkable potential for career advancement in various fields including machining, engineering, automation, quality, and maintenance. This comprehensive range of career pathways offered by Greystone deeply intrigued me and ignited my enthusiasm for exploring them further as a young student preparing for work upon graduation.

What was the Launchpad experience like?

It was an exceptional experience! I gained valuable insights into the significance of machining and the crucial role it plays in delivering high-quality parts to the field. The parts I had the opportunity to create directly contribute to the safety of my friends, classmates, and family members. As a Launchpad Apprentice, I could effectively apply the knowledge I acquired during this experience to enhance my classroom learning.

During the initial stages, I had the privilege of witnessing the entire manufacturing operation, from the incoming procedures to the final assembly of parts into finished goods. This exposure allowed me to develop a robust understanding of the intricacies involved in running a manufacturing operation.

How had Greystone of Lincoln made you a better machinist?

Through my experience at Greystone, I developed an understanding of maintaining precision tolerances for a substantial volume of parts. Working on a single machine, we consistently produced over 2,000 parts per shift, improving my ability to deliver exceptional accuracy and consistency. This experience not only enhanced my workplace efficiency but also translated into optimizing my performance in the classroom.

Greystone is all about continuous improvement, and their training program reflects this commitment. It combines the expertise of a Master Trainer and experienced machinists, ensuring comprehensive guidance and mentorship. Each day, I had the privilege of receiving guidance from team members with decades of experience, enabling me to grow significantly with every step I took within the facility.

What do you love about Greystone of Lincoln?

The camaraderie within the team at Greystone is truly remarkable. It feels like being a part of a large, supportive family, where everyone is eager to lend a helping hand when someone encounters challenges. As a recent high school graduate, this welcoming environment has made my transition into the professional world incredibly smooth. The opportunity to learn from seasoned individuals who have been crafting parts for years is invaluable.

As a student, I had the privilege of absorbing a wealth of knowledge without feeling overwhelmed or pressured initially. This conducive learning environment allowed me to grasp concepts at my own pace and build a solid foundation. The parts I have the privilege of manufacturing hold immense significance in the field, adding a sense of purpose and pride to my work.